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Iranian director makes documentary on Beijing


Beijing, 2006/11/06, IRIB

Outstanding Iranian Film Director Majid Majidi, currently visiting China, in a ceremony on Sunday started production of his new documentary dubbed "Beijing, 2008 Olympic Games Host".

At the ceremony, attended by a number of Chinese and Iranian cultural figures, Majidi expressed hope that the move will be a starting point for Iran-China joint film production.

Turning to the commonalties between the two countries, in particular their cultural features, he said that millions of Muslims living in China with other tribes in peace.

He said that the film mainly centers on Chinese children, adding that children are the symbol of sincerity and purity.

"I will try to introduce the traditions, history, culture and civilization of the Chinese capital of Beijing as well as its features as a modern city," he said.

Majidi is expected to produce his documentary film about Beijing in the coming two weeks.

In addition to Majidi, four other film directors have been invited by Beijing Municipality to produce such a documentary.

The 35mm 5-minute documentaries will be screened up to the beginning of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to introduce China's capital as the host to the upcoming games.



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